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Creating The Right SEO Strategy For Your Business

At Epic Internet Marketing Studio we empower our clients to understand why internet marketing is a valuable lead generation strategy. The term “Internet Marketing” seems quite broad.  We think of it like this; let’s say you have a website that looks and functions great, and even has a comprehensive Call-To-Action strategy.  Sounds good, right? Wrong.  Your website is just sitting out there on the world wide web, all alone with no way to drive visitors to it.  Internet Marketing helps your website get found and therefore drive visitors. Search Engine Optimization sounds complicated. Epic Marketing Studio makes it simple. We help search engines find your website organically (not through pay-per-click). We determine the best keywords and keyword phrases for your website to target. The ultimate goal is to be found on Google when someone searches those terms. Here at Epic Marketing Studio we believe it’s important for our clients to understand how search engine optimization works in order to empower them to be strategic in their future content creation. That’s right, we said “future content creation”, SEO is a long term strategy that requires continuous content be added to a website over time in order to stay relevant to search engines. To set you up for success we:
  • Analyze your competition to see what keywords they are targeting and produce detailed reports about your competitor’s keyword analysis
  • Make recommendations based on the data as to what keywords to target
  • Update your website’s code structure to reflect the new strategy
  • Update your content (or generate new content) that reflects the keyword strategy
  • Create a blog within your domain (if you don’t have one already) and editorial calendar detailing how to update it
  • Develop a link building strategy
Here’s the best part! We’ll start off with a free site analysis. Give us 24 hours and see how Epic Marketing Studio can dramatically improve your web presence.

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