Our Infusionsoft Review — Is It Really The Perfect Marketing Partner?

The Software Top Online Marketers & Small Businesses Are Using To Interact With Their Customers

If Infusionsoft were a person, it would be that jack-of-all-trades marketing guy.

Rather than the multitude of people that approach you explaining how they can help one aspect of your business such as building leads, handling your payments, sending your mail to current and prospective clients, or automating one or more of your processes, this guy (Infusionsoft) says, “screw that, I can do it all while you hit the bar for a couple of hours.”

You see, most customer relationship management software (CRM’s) only handle one small part of your business. Most people have to go out of their way to manage all the other aspects such as finding an adequate shopping cart for your online business as well as a merchant account that links up to it.

Then, of course, you have to find a system that handles and automates your email campaigns, builds leads, and provides lifecycle marketing plans. After that, you have to track all of those individual areas of information, which can be mind boggling for even the most proficient analyst.

That old saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” does not apply to online business at all.

What Infusionsoft does is puts all that stuff in one place for you. Rather than you needing to find a specific service for each part of your business – such as the aforementioned areas – Infusionsoft has it all in one centralized location and, furthermore, streamlines and automates the process for you, which leads  to less freaking out on your end. And when it comes to your business, the less ‘freaking out’, the better.

A Little About Me

I have been in the internet marketing industry for close to 7 years myself, and I have always loved software and tools that make my job easier. Not to mention as well as increasing our companies revenue. When Epic Marketing first started we used plenty of tools to keep our business up and running. At the time we were using a combination of Aweber, MS Excel, and a ton of sticky notes on our desks!

Infusionsoft Sales and Setup

No Infusionsoft Review would be complete without touching on the process you have to go through to actually get the product. If you’re new to business it can seem a tad overwhelming.

infusionsoft reviewsYou can’t just buy Infusionsoft’s product by visiting their website and clicking a button. You actually have to talk to a sales representative. The reason for this is a simple one. When Infusionsoft defined their ideal client, they pinpointed small businesses that are used to a simple sales process.

The good news is that Infusionsoft hires top quality people who actually want to help you succeed.

To actually purchase Infusionsoft, you’ll have to either register for a demo (something I highly recommend even if you’re just browsing or doing research) or call them up. Either way, you’ll be paraded through a few different options.

Remember though, these guys are Sales Reps. They do want to help you, so make sure you give exact details as to what you’re looking for and they’ll find a solution that perfectly fits and works for you.

If you shoot me an email at the bottom of this page, I can put you in touch with my guy over there. I had one of the best sales experiences and got exactly what I needed.

A Little Infusionsoft Background

Infusionsoft first began back in 2004 by building custom software for small businesses. After dealing with so many business owners’ individual needs, the founders at Infusionsoft started to see trends and patterns in customers’ needs – they were all using multiple systems to manage their sales and marketing.

The problem they found was most of those systems don’t integrate with each other. Your email campaign provider doesn’t link with your shopping cart, which doesn’t link with your analytics tool, which doesn’t link with your merchant account, and so on.

The solution is pretty simple – put it all together. The only thing was, no one else was doing that, so Infusionsoft decided to do it themselves. They created a solution to help small businesses “conquer the chaos” by combining intelligent automation with CRM, email marketing, e-commerce solutions, and social media tools.

But, for a while there, it was really tough for Infusionsoft to actually label themselves. People wanted to know are they a CRM? A shopping cart? An email marketing tool? Finally in 2011 they declared themselves as a marketing automation system for small businesses, which is pretty much the perfect description.

As of the time of this post, Infusionsoft serves over 10,000 small businesses and a whopping 39,000 users worldwide and those numbers are growing every day.

They have also been featured in Forbes Magazine, Business Week, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, are a fortune 500 company, and just acquired GroSocial a Social Media Marketing company.

The Infusionsoft Rundown

Do People Actually Benefit From Using InfusionSoft?

Now, Infusionsoft is by no means a one-size-fits all system perfect for every kind of business. If that were the case, they wouldn’t have any competitors and all the business management problems in the world would be a thing of the past.

The truth is that Infusionsoft is a dramatically powerful tool and is ideal for particular types of businesses, but it also harbors a pretty hefty monthly fee depending on which type of membership plan you’re going for. Truth of the matter is that not everyone starting out has that kind of money and not every kind of business has a NEED to spend that kind of money.

Infusionsoft’s monthly pricing structure is as follows:

  • Contact


  • Contact


  • Contact


Depending on your needs as a business, how many users you have, how many contacts are on your list, and how many emails you plan on sending out each month, will determine the amount of money you will be paying.

But, let’s look at the standard bottom-tier option. This comes with the capability of three users, 2,500 contacts, and 12,500 emails per month. Additional features include the following:

  • Landing pages & web forms
  • Social media tools
  • web analytics and tracking
  • visual campaign builder
  • 99% email deliverability
  • multimedia marketing
  • lead activity and behavior tracking
  • precise segmentation
  • appointment and task manager

That’s the bottom-tier and you’re getting a lot. From there it goes up and the perks get better. But let’s say you’re a small online business that is just getting started. You probably don’t need all of that. First of all, you probably don’t have 2,500 solid email subscribers yet and you’re definitely not going to be sending anywhere near 12,500 emails a month.

But if you’re sending off quite a few emails a month and are blown away by the features like I was, you’ll definitely want to schedule a demo to get a walk through. It’s fantastic.


What Businesses Are A Good Fit For Infusionsoft?

Now, when it comes to a business that will benefit from Infusionsoft, it is usually small businesses who have been operating for a little while. They’ve built up a good number of leads, they have a small team of dedicated people (this means at least more than one) and they’re looking to streamline a sales and lead generation process that is ALREADY in place because it’s time for them to concentrate on management/cultivation of the business and not spend all their time on marketing.

Basically, if you… 

  • Are a B2B or B2C company
  • Have less than 20 employees
  • Offer professional services such as software/technology, sports/fitness/ education, information products, you’re a super affiliate marketer, consultant, have an online retail business, do real estate and so on.
  • Your sales process includes selling/buying through email and online purchase or you use email marketing as a way to obtain direct sales leads for your team.
  • Have someone on your team dedicated to the marketing end of things
  • Have had list management/segmentation problems in the past
  • Have multiple systems such as email autoresponder provider, CRM/contact management, shopping cart and so on and it’s getting impossible to manage all of them.

If you’re a newbie in any kind of niche, you probably won’t have a need just yet for Infusionsoft. If you’re in the process of growing and you need a tool to keep up with that growth in order to streamline your multiple processes, then Infusionsoft is definitely for you.

So, to reiterate, Infusionsoft is NOT for you if…

  • You have no revenue or cash reserves in your business yet (remember that hefty monthly fee)
  • You don’t have anybody on your staff willing to really dig in an learn the software
  • You don’t have anywhere near 2,500 quality subscribers to your email list
  • You’re looking for some kind of system that will do everything for you while you do absolutely nothing (yes, this system will automate your marketing, but if you don’t have a sales process to begin with then it’s not going to help you).

If you find yourself sitting in the “cons” when trying to decide about infusionsoft, know that just because your business isn’t quite there just yet doesn’t mean you can’t get there quickly. I’ve seen internet businesses literally explode over night. If you’re genuinely interested, scheduling a free demo is never a bad way to start exploring your options and planning for the day you are ready to start.

Here are a few Infusionsoft Screenshots

Features, Features, Features

Infusionsoft has a ton of awesome features, but if you’re jumping into it fresh it can seem all a little confusing. So, let’s break down each key feature for you and explain it just a little. This part of our InfusionSoft review can get a little heavy, so strap in and hang on!

Web Forms –Without web forms you’re not going to build qualified subscriber lists from squeeze pages and other types of landing pages your visitors find themselves at. The nifty thing about Infusionsoft is they have a fantastic and intuitive web form functionality, which is ridiculously easy to use for even the most compu-tarded among us. They have a variety of aesthetically pleasing template forms and a super cool backend triggering process.

Email Marketing – As someone who has used a lot of the major individual email marketing tools out there such as MailChimp, Aweber, and iContact, I will say that Infusionsoft has one of the best built-in email marketing platforms on the web, especially since it’s part of a whole, rather than a completely separate component. The email builder is so slick and easy that anybody could use it from your 90-year-old grandmother to your two-year-old. Your emails will look good, they’ll be branded, and it’s incredibly easy to send out blasts, set up complex auto-responder campaigns.

This is going to be lengthy but another awesome thing about their email marketing platform is that they have been doing this for over seven years and have been sending out literally hundreds of millions of emails per month in that time frame. What does that matter to you? Well, they know how to get emails delivered to your subscribers’ inbox so you don’t get spammed or rejected. Their delivery rates remain consistently above 97% which is phenomenal. They’re also incredibly speedy so your emails get sent out fast. Many people report being able to send out up to 198 emails per second and they’re getting faster everyday. I don’t know of any other email marketing provider or software that provides that kind of speed and certainty.

List Segmentation – This is an absolutely crucial component of any email marketing campaign. Consistent and accurate list segmentation is the backbone of a successful, qualified list of subscribers who will actually respond to your messages in a positive way to either build leads or create instant revenue. However, segmenting lists can also be a huge pain in the buttocks. Luckily, Infusionsoft does really well with it. They provide a great tagging system that is simple, but powerful, so you can keep track of who belongs to what list. You can have contact belong to multiple lists and it’s easy to do searches while excluding multiple tags in order to pinpoint who you want to send a specific message or campaign to.

Automation – This is what it’s all about, right? You don’t have time to spend doing it all yourself. You just want your stuff to go on auto-pilot so you can concentrate on reaping the benefits. Infusionsoft ensures that when your users do things such as fill out forms, click links, move from one sales page to a next, and so on, that you are able to program a myriad of things to happen depending on each action that, once setup, will run on its own automatically so you don’t have to worry about it.

CRM – Customer relationship management is just one aspect of Infusionsoft’s services, but it’s a big part, especially since many people still characterize Infusionsoft strictly as CRM. You are able to track customers, leads, prospects, vendors, and so on while analyzing demographic information, notes, history (email, campaign, webforms filled out). You are also provided up to 100 custom fields for tracking anything else you may need.

Other great aspects of Infusionsoft include…

SFA – sales force automation for B2B sales and pipeline management.

Shopping Cart – They have a great shopping cart system that is easy to setup and maintain.

Affiliate Management – This is a big one, especially for people who are successful affiliate marketers approaching that “super affiliate” mark. Easily track leads, sales, and commissions generated by partners and affiliates.

Reporting – Get detailed reports of all this stuff so that you can analyze how your efforts are going on a month-to-month basis.

API – Infusionsoft has an open API that enables integration with a myriad of popular third party systems.


Pros And Cons

Lets be honest, this is the real reason you are here reading this InfusionSoft Review. I’ll tell you what I love and hate about InfusionSoft and show some examples of how it has worked for other businesses.


All-in-one – This is the primary pro of Infusionsoft – it takes care of EVERYTHING for you. It’s a CRM, an email marketing platform, an e-commerce solution, and it’s all automated, which makes everything incredibly easy to manage whether you’re a one man show or have several employees. You could even run multiple companies at one time with just two people (you and an assistant).

Customer Service – This really balances out everything else. What do you want when you’re paying that much a month for a service, or if the interface is a little difficult to understand? You want to be able to ask questions and for those questions to be responded to right away. Well, Infusionsoft has some of the best customer service you’re going to find. Whether you want to reach out via live chat or call them up on the phone, you will receive English speaking associates that really know what they’re talking about and who make it easy for you.

Interface – Many times, the person’s view of an interface is personal. Infusionsoft’s interface is one of the best I have ever used. Their drag and drop campaign builder is one of the most intuitive features they have. When they first introduce it, I was blown away at how easy it was to setup all my follow up emails, and keep track of where each lead was coming from.

Flexibility – You’re ability to easily and quickly create a variety of campaigns all under the same system and assign various automation, lends to an impeccable flexibility that is hard to find in any other system.


Outsourcing – For a lot of businesses, including affiliate marketers and the like, you will most likely want to outsource at least some of your busy work if not most of it. The problem with Infusionsoft is that it’s hard to find Infusinosoft experts that are affordable to hire. There are companies that provide it and train their people on it, but that doesn’t mean they’re abundant or easy to find.

Cost – As previously stated, Infusionsoft is by no means cheap, you’re going to be paying $2,388 per year minimum and $5,988 per year maximum. For a lot of people this is simply too expensive. However, if you can’t afford these prices, chances are you don’t actually need Infusionsoft for your business just yet.

Infustionsoft has provided these seriously awesome case studies to show how people have used Infusionsoft in just about any industry to produce real results.

If your industry isn’t shown here or you have questions about how Infusionsoft could help you, just hit me up and ask me.

So In Conclusion…

With it’s all-in-one features and ability to handle massive amounts of subscribers, campaigns, traffic, and various needs, Infusionsoft is definitely a winner if you fit the type of business that would require such a service.

As you can see there is so many things Infusionsoft can do, I can only begin to explain the full benefits to the software…. See for yourself and schedule a demo here.

Infusionsoft Resources

What’s interesting about this is that Infusionsoft doesn’t really focus on providing a whole lot of upfront info but they do a fantastic job of educating people about business automation.

To the right are some of the awesome guides they offer.