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Our infusionsoft review


Our review of Infusionsoft’s CRM software

Read The Whole Review Here! When it comes to generating and converting prospective leads, building trust with prospects is a top priority for all businesses. Infusionsoft is one of, if not the best CRM & marketing tools available today. Infusionsoft was founded in 2001 by CEO Clate Mask and business partners, Scott and Eric Martineau. They originally began as a custom software company based in Mesa, Arizona. Infusionsoft has recently exploded with success over the last 5 years. They won the Inc. 500 three years in a row, secured close to 20 million in venture capital from 2007-2009, and in 2011 they grossed 26 million dollars. They have also moved to a large facility in Gilbert, AZ. and now have over 250 employees. They are growing rapidly, and constantly improving their product.

How we started using infusionsoft

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Back in 2010, we were using a combination of Excel, quickbooks, Aweber email marketing and 1shoppingcart to accomplish everything we needed as a marketing business. I had heard about Infusionsoft at several marketing conferences and knew of quite a few companies that were starting to use them. My first experience with the software is when we were doing work for one of our larger clients. We went in and setup over 20 email capture and follow up campaigns, and we were hooked. We then switched over to using infusionsoft in the beginning of 2011 and things have been incredible since. Since we started implementing Infusionsoft into our marketing business, we increased revenue close to 35% for closing out the year of 2012. Infusionsoft works!  

Features and benefits of Infusionsoft include:

  • Higher Rate of Lead Conversions
  • Higher Rate of Repeat Sales
  • Revenue Growth Without the Need for Staff Growth
  • Greater Company Efficiency
  • The All-In-One Sales and Marketing Business Software
  • Advanced (CRM) Customer Relationship Management
  • Email & Social Marketing
  • Complete E-Commerce functionality
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Capture & Management